Starts on 25th & 26th Nov (Sat and Sun) At 8.30 PM to 10.00 PM

अब आप भी DOB से जान सकते है कैसा होगा आपका Career और Relationship और साथ ही Solve कर सकते है अपनी हर Problems को हमारे इस 2 Days Numerology Workshop से मात्र 99/-

Maximise Your Success with Name and Mobile Numerology using your Date of Birth

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Unlock Your Life's Potential with Numerology

Most rated Numerology Workshop - 2 Days

Limited seats are Available

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Live AstroNumeroVastu Events in many Cities in India

Gain insights into the powerful forces of numbers and understand how they can work to benefit your'll get detailed insights into upcoming possibilities so that you can make sure that everything goes according to plan.

Know how our Numerology workshop will help you.

This workshop will help you in Achieving Your Life Goals.

Get a clarity and move in a Perfect direction to Reshape your life


Gain the Desired Financial Position that you dreamed about.

Help to Achieve Your Life Goals

Get a clarity and move in a Perfect direction to Reshape your life


Gain the Desired Financial Position that you dreamed about.

*This helped 1000s of Photographers

Meet your Mentor

I am Ashishh L Vyas, an Occultist and Life coach, and founder of

I am on a mission to spread awareness about the power of the occult and its ability to improve life and to create professionally skilled Occultists in Numerology, Astrology, Swarayoga, and Vastu through our proven strategy and past experience

Ashishh L Vyas

What you will get in additional with this Numerology Workshop

5 Days Meditation Worth ₹15,000

Name and Mobile Numerology Calculator Worth ₹13,000

Private Numerology Video Application Worth ₹7000

Premium Numerology E-Book Worth ₹999

Premium Numerology Community Access

WhatsApp Chat Support

LifeTime Content Access

Live Classes Recordings

Total Value: ₹29,998

For Today you will get it at ₹29,998 ₹99 only

How our Numerology Workshops helped many people

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