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Ashishh L Vyas

Ashishh L Vyas, India's top-rated astro-numerologist, who has transformed the lives of countless individuals with his expertise in the ancient sciences of astrology and numerology. With years of experience in unlocking the secrets of the universe, Ashish has helped people from all walks of life to tap into their innate strengths, align with their life path, and achieve success in their personal and professional lives.

His personalized guidance and intuitive insights have empowered individuals to make informed decisions, overcome challenges, and fulfill their potential. If you're seeking to live a life of purpose and abundance, trust Ashish to help you unlock your full potential and achieve your dreams.

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Why Celebrities' change their names?

Many Bollywood celebs who have faith in numerology have even changed their names to boost their luck on the career front. Over the years, many prominent names in the industry have made slight tweaks to their names and surnames to give a push to their career graph.



It helps you to set goals, and do planning and directing best for achieving them and also helps you wriggle out of complex situations

Identify your values and goals

Base on your date of birth you will get idea what is your strength and weakness and how to set your goal

Establish work and life balance

Numerology plays major roles to balance your personal and professional life as compatibility help to understand each other

Success on time

Numerology with help of Personal year you will get predication like how upcoming year will be and how you have to plan for the same.

Learning how to Manage stress

Numerology help to overcome stress, anxiety, over thinking with perfect remedies, stress free like is first step for grand successs.

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Lots of Gratitude to Guruji - Your all sessions were amazing, meaningful & marvelous. In past I had learnt from many mentors, but the way you teach/help us is very amazing. I found a Real Guru in my Occult Journey and I am confident that I will learn all the attributes under the Team9 Umbrella. As per me you are Mine (Khadan) of knowledge and spirituality. I am lucky that I am a Part of TEAM9.


Dr. Laleet Kummar

I feel blessed to have a mentor( गुरु) like you in my life. After joining Ashish sir and team9 my entire life changes at 360 degree. He is a very pleasant n humble person and a very awsome teacher. Sir ne na sirf hume numerology sikhai balki humare vyaktitva ko bhi badla hai.

Thank you Ashish L Vyas sir and Team9 blessed to be a part of you.


Isha Singhal

Office: Naranpura, Ahmedabad,

Gujarat, India





Team9 was established under the guidance of our coach and mentor Mr. Aashish I Vyas with a vision to improve the lives of others through his knowledge in occult sciences.


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